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Posted on Mon 2nd Dec, 2013 in: Evaluation, Industry Comment, Influence, Public Relations, Reputation Management by Aberfield

Sainsbury's CEO Justin King is 2013's most influential communicator among chief executives of FTSE-100 companies, according to a study published by Aberfield. King has topped the table due to his consistently influential UK profile and for campaigning on a range of issues that have created significant interest and debate. Aberfield examined the profiles of each of the 'Footsie' chief executives, and looked at how their messages are communicated - and received - within their own industry sectors, the UK business community and the wider population. The research looked at the extent to which the CEOs adopt leadership positions on key issues, and how successfully those positions and opinions have been communicated. It also examined third party endorsement of the CEOs' communications, including media and competitor comments. From this, Aberfield was able to produce rankings for the top 10 most influential chief executives. It is the second annual Footsie Influencer report produced by Aberfield. Last year's most influential communicator was Unilever's Paul Polman, with Justin King second. The highest new entry in the 2013 table was easyJet CEO Carolyn McCall, who was ranked third. Other new entries were Next's Lord Wolfson (7th) and Barclays boss Antony Jenkins (8th). The full Footsie Influencer Report 2013 is available here.

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