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02 Dec 2013

The essential PR guide to the week ahead

Posted on December 2, 2013 by

It’s the (award-winning) Aberfield PR guide to the week ahead, so get your diaries out and make a note of these news-making events.

Monday 2 December – First we had ‘Black Friday’, and now we have ‘Cyber Monday’. The latter is the online equivalent of the former, and the media are predicting an e-commerce meltdown across the western world. Whatever happened to last-minute Christmas shopping?

Tuesday 3 December – 25 years ago today, there was a media ‘scramble’ after health minister Eggwina…sorry…Edwina Currie said most of Britain’s eggs were infected with salmonella. Ministry of Agriculture officials countered by saying 30 million eggs were eaten every day, yet there were only 26 reported salmonella cases across the whole year. It was Mrs Currie’s most infamous moment…until she revealed details of that affair!

Also keep an eye out on the Entertainment pages for news of the first acts to be confirmed at the Reading and Leeds Festivals. Organisers have already hinted they’ve secured “one of the best British bands of the past decade”. Mmm…wonder who?

Wednesday 4 December – The EU is due to give the green light to Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia. Useless fact of the day: the telecoms giant once represented 4% of Finland’s entire GDP.

Thursday 5 December – Expect jeers and heckles from one side of the House of Commons Chamber, and waving of order papers from the other, as Chancellor George Osborne makes his Autumn Statement. He’ll be outlining his tax and spending plans ahead of next March’s Budget.

Meanwhile, over in Miami, two public art pieces by Banksy will be auctioned. The two pieces are a 1,500-pound section of a New York warehouse wall featuring a heart-shaped balloon covered in sticking plasters, and the rear door of a car featuring a Herculean figure surrounded by horses. Experts reckon both could sell for up to $1 million.

Friday 6 December – England footy fans will be (spiritually) in Rio, as FIFA announces the groups for the 2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil next summer. Let’s hope the words “Group of Death” don’t appear in any headlines…

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