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Posted on Fri 15th Nov, 2013 in: Influence, Public Relations, Social Media by Emma Lister

This week's influencer accolade goes to diehard fans of legendary rock band AC/DC following the launch of their campaign to get the band's famous single Highway to Hell to number one this Christmas. The fans have launched an online campaign via Facebook in the hope people will buy Highway to Hell over the single released by the X Factor winner. The Facebook page has received a whopping 100,000 likes in just three days and as a result has influenced betting on who the number one artist will be. According to Paddy Power, the single is second favourite to reach number one with the odds at 11/8. Although this type of campaign has been done before - the first in 2009 when Joe McElderry was beaten to the top spot by Rage Against the Machine - you can't blame fans for trying. And it has certainly got people talking. Metro has named five classic AC/DC songs that would make a better Christmas number one than Highway to Hell, which has, of course, caused a stir on Facebook.  


The page has also given people the opportunity to share their favourite AC/DC music videos and just generally have a chat about how much they love the band. So even if AC/DC's song isn't a chart-topper this Christmas, it's made some great PR for AC/DC and Highway to Hell which only reached number 40 when it was first released in the UK. So I wish them the best of luck on their challenge. Let there be rock (excuse the pun) this Christmas!


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