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Posted on Wed 6th Nov, 2013 in: Influence, Jobs, Public Relations, Social Media by Phil Reed

Aberfield is one of the fastest-growing PR agencies in the North, and we're looking for a talented and ambitious Account Manager/Senior Account Manager ready to take the next step in their career to join us as a Senior Consultant. You may have noticed we're just a little different from other agencies, which is why we're looking for someone who thinks like we do about PR. Someone who wants to achieve more than 'awareness' for their clients. Our Positive Influence approach is helping us win lots of clients. It's why we'll increase our revenues by around 50% this year, and we aim to continue that rapid growth over the next few years. We want to be the best, most sought-after PR and communications agency around. The agency that sets the standard. So if you're itching for a new challenge, or you're thinking "is there more to PR than this?"?, you could be the sort of person we're looking for. Can you demonstrate an ability to think strategically and deliver creatively? Are you able to develop and maintain great client relationships at a senior level? Then we'll definitely want to see you. Naturally, the job comes with a competitive salary and good holidays (including your birthday off), but there's also a very rewarding bonus scheme available. If we do well, you do well. Ultimately, the sky's the limit. Want to be a director and have a substantial share in a successful PR business? You'll get that opportunity. Before you polish your CV, why not have a quiet word with Phil Reed (07508 404231) or Tim Downs (07779 666730) and get more details - in complete confidence.

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