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Posted on Mon 14th Oct, 2013 in: Industry Comment, Public Relations by Tim Downs

Monday 14th October - Syria begins to adhere to the global Chemical Weapons Convention, partly thanks to the unintentional intervention of Senator John Kerry. Tuesday 15th October - It's the announcement of the winner of The Man Booker Prize for the best fiction book of the year. Wednesday 16th October - It's the US premiere of a long-lost film by Orson Welles 'Too Much Johnson' was found in an Italian warehouse. It was a film made in far more innocent times (we hope). Thursday 17th October - The US officially runs out of money after Congress failed to extend the debt ceiling bill. What's the betting there's a last minute deal? Friday 18th October - Pakistani teenage activist Malala Yousafzai meets the Queen at Buckingham Palace as part of the Commonwealth Universities and Education Reception.

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