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Posted on Mon 7th Oct, 2013 in: Industry Comment, Influence, Public Relations by Aberfield

Forget Eamonn Holmes. Take no notice of John Humphreys. Switch off Susanna Reid. No, seriously, switch her off. They're all just reporting the news. We, on the other hand, can actually predict what will be making the headlines in days to come. And this is what our PR crystal ball has foretold this week... Monday 7 October - here at Aberfield, we've a lot of experience in foodservice PR, so we know how important The Restaurant Show is to the catering and hospitality industry. It's on for three days and will include the Chef of the Year announcement. Just don't expect tears. Whoever wins, it will probably make less of an impact in social media than the first of 10 #MusicMondays from Justin Bieber. He's threatening to release a new song every Monday for the next 10 weeks. Unless someone gives him a bag of!no, we can't say that. Tuesday 8 October - It's the start of The Office Show. Not a Ricky Gervais-fest, but the "must-attend"? exhibition and conference for PAs and office managers. Robert Peston will be reporting live throughout the day. Or maybe not. It's also the 40th anniversary of commercial radio. In 1973, LBC (the London Broadcasting Company) began. Former presenters included Michael Parkinson and Angela Rippon. It also broadcast the first radio ad - for Bird's Eye frozen food. Wednesday 9 October - Tech writers are on standby for the launch of a new bendy screen smartphone from Samsung. Whether it's a true innovation or a headline-grabbing gimmick remains to be seen. From new-tech to old-tech. It's World Post Day. Despite emails, posts, tweets and texts, 445 billion items are still delivered globally every day, of which 444 billion are Boden catalogues. Thursday 10 October - Property PRs across the country will be promoting their clients' support for LandAid Day 2013. It's one of the property industry's biggest charity fundraising events. Friday 11 October - Right lads, TV remote in left hand, beer can in right. Get yourselves set for another tense round of 'Mastermind' on BBC2. Oh, and it's also the crucial World Cup qualifier between England and Montenegro. Wonder which will get the most media coverage!

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