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Posted on Mon 7th Oct, 2013 in: Uncategorized by Aberfield

We're making a toast!to us, as we celebrate our appointment by Harrogate Spring Water and Thirsty Planet. Hooray!

Nina Hands from Aberfield with Nicky Reeve from Water Brands

We'll be putting our extensive food and drink PR experience to best use, delivering some 'sparkling' PR and social media activity and managing the parent company's corporate positioning. Work is already in full 'flow'. It's an exciting time for Harrogate-based Water Brands Group - it's enjoyed record-breaking sales after an amazing British summer (10 million bottles in July alone!) and has loads of positive news coming up, so we're thrilled to be representing the company during such a significant period of growth. Everyone knows Harrogate Spring Water - it's been around since 1551, after all! It's now a trusted national brand, voted one of the finest bottled spring waters in the world and renowned for its original British Spa Town heritage and monochrome bottle. We'll be encouraging shoppers to buy British. Sister brand Thirsty Planet is a charity water dedicated to bringing clean water to communities across sub-Saharan Africa in partnership with Pump Aid. Our role is to encourage mums and families to prioritise ethical hydration. Both brands have great back stories but very different propositions. As always, we'll be using our tried and tested audience-focused approach to take the brand profiles to the next level.

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