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Posted on Fri 27th Sep, 2013 in: Influence by Aberfield

After watching The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning and wanting to throw the TV out of the window at Ed Miliband's painful avoidance of every. single. question, I admit to not being his biggest fan. He reminds me of those annoying head boy types at school, the ones that grass you up for having a fag behind the bike sheds, sit at the front in class, or talk in a loud and annoying voice in the canteen. I've never taken that much of an interest in him to be honest. I've watched his TV performances before, and they've either bored me to death or made me cross. He's just a bit weird, isn't he? But after seeing his arguments unfold at this week's Labour Party Conference, I've been forced to reappraise him. And that's why I've named him Aberfield's Influencer of the Week. Ed's presentation of his modern version of socialism this week is pretty radical, definitely coherent, and shock horror, maybe even popular. A lot of voters seem to be regarding him / his offering positively (so Twitter and my dad tell me, anyway, and they are the Oracle). He says it's about time the state exerted a bit of power over nasty companies who take all our money. Tempting. If he can freeze my bills, of course I'd consider voting Labour. Doorstep messages win elections, after all, and that's what Miliband's doing. Making clear offers. In his eyes, 'capitalism is iniquitous and socialism is the remedy' - and he'll do his damnedest to prove it if elected. It remains to be seen who the public trust to ensure they're better off in five years' time. It might not be Ed. He's been accused of being weak and vacuous in the past, but in this case I think he's been bold and pinned his red colours well and truly to the mast. Even if you don't believe in or agree with what Red Ed's offering, he's definitely changed the record. And I like a record changer.    

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