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Posted on Wed 25th Sep, 2013 in: Public Relations by Aberfield

At the start of this month we welcomed former journalist Jenny Wilkinson to the Aberfield fold, to help us look after a fast-growing number of clients - and win new ones. Jenny's joined us as a senior consultant, and by senior we don't mean old - but maybe we do in PR years! She's a bit of a veteran, having worked with a range of big name clients from the financial, transport, technology and public sectors over the past 10 years. She's also a familiar face - some of us worked with Jenny in previous roles, so we're enjoying having her back in the office again, marvelling at her uncanny ability to spot a story opportunity from a mile off. She also makes a really good brew (unlike some). As well as having careers in journalism and PR, Jenny has even found time to build a school in Nicaragua, Central America. Fact. Read about Jenny's appointment in the news. And if you want to say hello, drop her a line: jenny.wilkinson@aberfield.com / 0113 357 2071.  


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