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Posted on Mon 16th Sep, 2013 in: Industry Comment, Public Relations by Tim Downs

Monday 16th September - Britney Spears releases her new single, 'Work Bitch' - It's a Monday, we know how it feels, get over it. Tuesday 17th September - It's the launch of the world's most expensive computer game. Grand Theft Auto V had a reported budget of £170 million. Wednesday 18th September - Ten former Sun journalists, including former deputy news editor Ben O'Driscoll, are in court to answer charges of buying information from public officials. Thursday 19th September - Renowned physicist Professor Stephen Hawking will attend the premiere of the biographical documentary 'Hawking'. The viewing celebrates the first night of the Cambridge Film Festival. Friday 20th September - Google faces the deadline to amend its unified privacy policy following concerns over its compliance with the UK Data Protection Act. Regulators have asked Google to inform users what their personal data is being used for and how it is processed, in addition to informing users when their personal data is being retained in unexpected ways. It's also the Big Dog's last day in da house! DJ Tim Westwood is leaving Radio1 after 20 years of heavy hit after heavy hit. BOOM!

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