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Posted on Thu 4th Jul, 2013 in: Industry Comment, Influence, Social Media by Aberfield

A new research report published today by Aberfield Communications reveals that the majority of UK charities are failing to make the most of photography and video in social media to maximise their appeal to potential supporters. The Aberfield study - Charities in Social Media: The Power of Images - follows a recent report by New Philanthropy Capital, which said people in the UK would donate an additional £665m a year to charities if they were better informed about the charities' aims and achievements. The Aberfield research, among 200 UK charities across a range of sectors and income sizes, reveals that more than half (55 per cent) of charities lack an active presence across at least two of the image-based social networks, such as YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram, with 18 per cent having no active presence on any. Getting people to become active and committed supporters would be more effective if the charities harnessed the power of images in social media, rather than just words, in order to bring their campaigns to life and drive real emotional engagement with supporters and volunteers.

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