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What we can learn from #BloggerGate

What we can learn from #BloggerGate

The lessons that we’re continuing to learn from any influencer activity


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11:43 AM - 23 Feb 18

KFC update: continuing to cope well and keeping a sense of humour with this new advert. #KFC https://t.co/1GVgZZ9v49

17:14 PM - 21 Feb 18

We've all been talking about it, but KFC are coping well with the delivery hiccup. A nice piece on @prweekuknews ab… https://t.co/OK4cOj4IBF

16:13 PM - 19 Feb 18

Have you taken a look at our blog recently? We've been discussing everything from #influencers to what you should l… https://t.co/z79Q7nqKpJ
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