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Events: Engaging your audience

Events: Engaging your audience

At Aberfield, everything we do is focused on the audience – and this doesn’t just apply to PR campaigns, it’s for events too.


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15:08 PM - 17 Jan 18

Coca-Cola abandons One Brand Strategy in a bid to relaunch Diet Coke to millennials. Brave or pointless? https://t.co/HioyabNS4s

15:05 PM - 17 Jan 18

RT @TheDrum: .@CR_UK hopes to reap rewards from embracing #GDPR changes early https://t.co/3qJ3AnbngS https://t.co/tAW1L5Dluj

16:13 PM - 16 Jan 18

RT @Leeds_Media: Filming set up for NG Bailey Senior Leaders Conference in conjunction with @AberfieldPR https://t.co/3vYWJony2k
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