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Bloggers: To pay, or not to pay?

Bloggers: To pay, or not to pay?

How the lines between comment and advertising are blurring in the blogosphere


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10:28 AM - 23 Jun 17

The Big Recap: 32 New Openings Coming to Leeds in 2017 that we think you need to know about https://t.co/QoUNFhJNCA via @Leeds_List

12:38 PM - 21 Jun 17

Working with bloggers? Here's our blog on how the lines between comment & advertising are blurring the blogosphere https://t.co/2aXNgXl8De

13:28 PM - 20 Jun 17

A busy day working on an exciting project for one of our clients 📽️ https://t.co/dHVQSde97P
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